Monday, February 2, 2015

"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet."

Tutto passerà...
Is what my Zia in Italy would tell me as I laid on her lap as a child. Tutto passerà--everything will pass.

It's an interesting statement if you really give it some thought. My aunt was right. With this concept of time, present moments will always fade into the past.
You might be thinking to yourselves: "Ohhhh, no. Here she goes with her modern-day hippie crap." 
Well, you may be right... and you have the freedom to scroll to the upper right hand corner of your browser and click X.

Tutto passerà. This phrase is something that has resonated with me throughout my life. It'll come up during times of transition, confusion, exhaustion, or all of the above. I think of it as my "go-to" mantra whenever I wanted to rush uncomfortable moments. You know, make them go away faster. 

I can easily say that I could hear my Zia's voice multiple times throughout the past two months. There is now a difference, however. I can't pinpoint the reason why it feels different-- but now, the phrase reminds me to savor and enjoy the moments, both comfortable and uncomfortable...rather than rush past them.

There's some food for thought...and maybe even a challenge for all of us.
 Rather than rush through life, stop and smell the freaking roses sometimes. Guaranteed you'll find something beautiful about every single petal.

<3 Kimmy

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