Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Energy and persistence conquer all things." -Benjamin Franklin


This form of exercise has become one of the biggest workout trends that continues to grow across the US. So while on my mini getaway, I decided to try out a spin studio in the little city of Portland, Maine. 

Let me introduce you to Reve Cycling Studio.

The studio itself is quaint and adorable! You walk up the stairs and go right into the main room where the front desk is located.

Our spin instructor was Amy. Both her and the puppy are the sweetest. Amy gave us an extremely motivating and tough workout. The lights were dim and the music's rhythm went perfectly to my pedaling. All of which I absolutely need when spinning. I came out sweating and feeling amazing.

The actual spin room has two rows of stationary bikes that surround the instructor seated up front. The pedals are SPD compatible and can also tighten up on regular sneakers.

The studio also has a yoga room which made me extremely happy! It's spacious with hard wood floors and overlooks Forest Avenue. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to take a class...but I am positive that they are just as wonderful as the spin classes.


I would say that this studio is definitely a hit. It's only been opened for two months but I am positive that the word will spread and more people will continue to join. Let's just say that if I ever find myself in Portland again, I will definitely be making a stop or two just to go in and sweat...and you should too. Make sure to do research and see where your local spin studios are. If you need help locating one, shoot me an email :)

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