Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Pad Thai.

Okay, okay. So when you read the words, "pad thai," you automatically think of a delicious  peanut noodle dish that is well over your day's calorie limit. Well, this recipe IS a delicious peanut noodle dish but minus all the calories :)

For this recipe, you'll need:
-2 tbsp organic peanut butter or PB2 (woops, completely forgot to put this in photo!)
-2 bags of pasta zero shirataki noodles (15 kcals per pack)
-4 heads of broccoli
-hand full of carrots
-3 garlic cloves, minced
-1 shallot, chopped
-1/2 pack of mushrooms
-1/4 cup lit soy sauce OR see low cal recipe below
-dash of sea salt

Low Cal/Low Sodium Soy Sauce Substitute:
-2 tbsp sodium free vegetable stock
-2 tsp red wine vinegar
-1 tsp stevia
-1/8 tsp ground ginger
-dash black pepper
-3/4 cup water
-dash garlic powder
-dash sea salt (do not add if watching sodium intake)

Step 1
Open up the packs of shirataki noodles and drain them in a pasta strainer. Give them a little rinse with water. Just a forewarning, they smell kind of gross but have no fear! They taste just fine. These noodles are made of a soluble fiber called "glucomannan" that come from a Japanese yam. They are slightly more gelatinous than regular noodles but hey, they are gluten-free and contain barely any calories. Definitely something worth exploring if you ask me.
Once you've drained the noodles, pat them dry onto a paper towel and set them aside as you begin prepping the sauce.

Step 2
Grab your broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms and steam them in a pot.
 Cover those babies up until they are ready!

Step 3
As your veggies are steaming, mince the garlic and chop up that shallot.

Step 4
Now it's time to prep your homemade soy sauce. Grab all your ingredients, measure them out and heat them on medium heat for about 10 minutes. 

Step 5
As your soy sauce is being heated, grab another sauce pan. Add a tbsp of coconut oil, your minced garlic, and chopped shallot. Keep this over medium heat, occasionally stirring the mixture until the shallots become soft.

Step 6
As your 2 sauce pans are at work, the veggies should be about done. Take them out of the pot and chop them up into small pieces. Add them 

Step 7
Combine everything! Add your chopped veggies and soy sauce to your sauteed garlic and shallot mixture pan. Toss it all together with 2 tbsp of peanut butter (or PB2 if watching kcals). Add a dash of sea salt if you so desire. Lastly, grab those shirataki noodles and toss them into your sauce.

Step 8
Voile! You are finished with your healthy and incredibly satisfying pad thai.

**Side note: Depending on your taste preferences, you could always add more peanut butter and/or salt to your sauce. Also, you could play around with whatever veggies you'd like to add as well. Snap peas are always a great alternative or addition :)

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