Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." -Mark Twain


My best friend and I travelled up there to go visit our other best friend who lives there with her fiancé. Aside from the insanely hot weather, it was magical. The culture, the people, and the sites are just some of what I love about the city.
What I really enjoy about Boston is the amount of exercise you are forced to do as an everyday activity. You pretty much have to walk or take the T everywhere. There are also so many people who run and ride their bicycles. It's very inspiring to continue a healthy lifestyle even on a mini vacation. Makes me want to consider moving to New England within the next few years!

Portland, Maine.

I grew up in this city and decided to take a little detour after my Boston adventures to revisit my past. There are certainly some things that give me both pleasant and... not so pleasant memories. Regardless, I thought it would be great to spend some time with old family friends.
Being in this place feels like a culture shock. The way of living is simple and definitely not something I am used to. This is in no way a bad thing though! My lack of comfort zone really gives me a chance to reflect on myself and how priveleged I am for my lifestyle back home. I am taking these few days up here as my chance to be more open-minded to diverse ideas and ways of living.

Today, I am going to explore the outdoors and people. There is a clam festival with apparently over 45,000 people attending. Sounds like my type of place to make new friends.

Today, try and go outside of your comfort zone. Maybe it'll inspire you or give you some time to reflect. Sometimes, that sort of stuff is necessary in our lives...especially when you get caught up in stuff that really isn't that big of a deal. Don't sweat the small stuff. Appreciate the small stuff :)


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